What Virtue Is Not


1. Having one sexual partner at a time. If marriage is in your plans, you are called to have one sexual partner in a lifetime.
2. Waiting on each other. Having sex with everybody before you meet your spouse and then deciding to wait is not biblical.
3. A “covenantal” or “committed” relationship without a marriage between a man and a woman.
4. Experience.
5. Wearing a condom.
6. A vasectomy.
7. Contraception or any other form of birth control.
8. Paying for your girlfriend to have an abortion.
9. Appearing to be somebody you’re not.
10. Doing everything short of intercourse, including oral sex.
11. Gifts and favors.
12. Carrying a Bible and quoting scripture. We are called to back it up with behavior.
13. Education. The number of academic degrees will tell you nothing about a person’s character.
14. Job title. As the Bible tells us, it’s harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.
15. Stopping when she says “no.” It’s your responsibility guys to have the self control to not even go there.
16. Sex education other than no sex before marriage. A godly man doesn’t even need to know what a condom looks like .
17. The ability to hide a pregnancy.
18. Getting married in a church.
19. Getting married because you’re pregnant.
20. Settling for a non-Christian because you think you can change him/her.
21. Pursuing or being pursued.
22. Dating young or marrying early because your preacher/parents said you can’t control yourselves.
23. Believing marriage makes you a Christian.
24. Having sex one time to see what it’s like.
25. Thinking that sex makes you a man or woman.

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