Marriage And Family Idolatry


Sex worship. It can be traced all the way back to Adam and Eve. And in contemporary times we have to look no further than the Catholic Church making marriage a sacrament and Protestant churches discriminating against unmarried men when “calling” preachers. Nowhere in the Bible is marriage made a sacrament and nowhere in the Bible is marriage made a qualification for preaching the word of God. The worship of Baal is the worship of sex and sensual desires. It places human fertility above spiritual reproduction and the sensual above the holy.   Sound familiar? It should, because it’s exactly where the world, along with the church, is today. Of course, the church sanitizes it by calling it “marriage and family.” Marriage is sex, according to the Bible.  When those two things separated is when the church started its downhill spiral to the land of Baal.  If we read our Bibles closely, we will find that there’s nothing holy or innately Christian about marriage and family. There never has been. Marriage, in fact, is a Pagan institution with roots that go back way before the time of Christ and Christianity. The origins of marriage are not religious nor do they have anything to do with the God of Abraham. Marriage in the Old Testament (before the birth of Christ) was the social construct that allowed for the breeding of children, maintaining property rights, and protecting bloodlines. Today nothing much has changed.   It has become a social and legal construct, with God and candelabras sprinkled in for appearance’s sake. Marriage is big business today. Christ would balk if he walked into any wedding ceremony in your church. Well, he would actually overturn a few candelabras. If you believe that marriage is a CHRISTian institution, then you would have to believe that humans did not reproduce until after the time of Christ. How long have humans been reproducing? Did you arrive at creation? If you did, then you arrived in a Pagan world. Yes, the world had God. But they did not have Christ. Therefore, it was Pagan. That very important distinction is missing in a lot of theology today. As Apostle Paul said, sex (i.e., marriage) anchors a person’s concerns in the world and virginity anchors a person’s concerns in heaven. Now, am I saying that marriage and making babies is sinful? No. But I am saying that it is worthy of lesser status than virginity, lesser in the sense that God’s creation on earth is less important than his creation in heaven when looked at from an eternal perspective. Unfortunately, the church today is stuck in the land of the Old Testament and Baal worship. When all of a church’s priorities and energies are focused on marriage and making babies, they are focused on the short term Pagan world of sex and sensual desire. As holy and righteous as the church has tried to make it out to be, marriage and family is still about fulfilling sexual desire, which is something that does not exist in heaven. Yes, God made sex. But it is of a very temporary nature. If the church does not balance the temporary (sex) with the eternal (virginity), it is guilty of idol worship. It is guilty of worshiping the same Baal that we read about in the Old Testament. And I mean balance by actions, not just lip service. It doesn’t matter how many tithes and offerings a church takes in, how many members they have, how many missionaries they have overseas, how many people read their Bibles everyday, etc. All of those things cannot undo Baal worship. Paul talked about virgins and marrieds as statuses. Unfortunately, the church today only acknowledges circumstances and legalities. Can you find the description of a “marriage license” in the Bible? There is none. Can you find a description or even definition of “singles.” There are none. “Single parents, down the hall on the right.” “Divorce care after church.” We’ve come so far off track that what we call a church today would probably be unrecognizable by any of Christ’s disciples, or by Christ himself. We have our own comfortable world with our comfortable language, ever so careful not to offend anyone. However, God has his own language that trumps ours, as the woman at the well found out. Comfort is not a Christian virtue, and I don’t think God’s justice will be very comfortable for a lot of people either. There is nothing innately Christian about marriage and family. The only thing Christian about it is how we do it and whether or not we regard it as more than a legality or circumstance. Virginity, however, is the lifestyle Christ himself chose, as well as most of the apostles. For those who have the charism of virginity, it is an eternal status of a royal nature. It is not a circumstance. It is a sign pointing to eternity. It eclipses marriage as far as heaven is from earth.

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